Visualizing Dhanteras 2023
September 25th, 2023, Shivanshi Shah

Visualizing Dhanteras 2023

Dhanteras isn't just about shopping; it's a celebration of prosperity and tradition for Indians. At YouGov, we understand its cultural importance. Introducing our latest infographic, 'Visualizing Dhanteras 2023” an illustrated guide to festive shopping behaviour.

Our data reveals that 60% of urban Indians are gearing up for Dhanteras shopping this year. If you're a marketing professional aiming to harness the festive spirit, let YouGov be your compass. Delve into consumer preferences and behaviours on auspicious days like Dhanteras to craft 2023's most compelling, data-backed, and engaging festive marketing campaigns.

Download our infographic now and unlock insights on critical topics:

  • Who's shopping on Dhanteras
  • What they're buying
  • How much they plan to spend
  • Preferred marketing channels
  • Top Dhanteras deals