Aldi, Doritos, Patrón, Nike, and Target are some of hip-hop lovers’ most favorable brands
August 11th, 2023, Hoang Nguyen

Aldi, Doritos, Patrón, Nike, and Target are some of hip-hop lovers’ most favorable brands

Hip-hop turns 50 this month and brands are gearing up to engage in the celebration and connect with the vibrant hip-hop community.

But which ones are hip-hop fans’ most preferred brands?

From Aldi to Nike to Hilton and Target, YouGov is revealing the most favorable brands across snacks, beverages, dining, alcohol, hotels and more, all according to consumers who identify as hip-hop enthusiasts. The brand rankings are determined by each brand’s net Impression score (how favorably consumers view a brand) with a maximum score of 100 and lowest possible score of –100.

And in order to provide the most granular categorical insights, we’ve ranked the brands by where they sit in each specific sector.

Groceries and CPG

Hip-hop fans have discerning tastes when it comes to the foods they buy and where they shop for them. Let’s look at hip-hop's most favorable CPG and grocery retailers in 2023.

  • Grocery stores: Aldi (net Impression of 36.2) is the highest ranked grocery store according to the hip-hop community, followed by Trader Joe’s (32.6), Kroger (29), Whole Foods Market (27) and Publix (20.2).
  • Food brands: Doritos (54.5) is the no.1 food brand among hip-hop lovers, followed by candy brand M&M’s, Oreo (52.7), Cheerios (50.4) and Reese’s (48.9).
  • Beverages: Gatorade (48.9) tops the list in terms of favorability, followed by Sprite (42.8), Tropicana (41.4), Lipton (39.7) and Minute Maid (38.7).
  • Alcohol: Across beer and spirits, Patrón (29.9) is the top ranked alcohol brand, with Corona trailing closely (29.7) followed by Crown Royal ()26.3), Grey Goose (26) and Jack Daniel’s (25.3)

Shopping, dining, hotels and entertainment

Hip-hop fans also look to particular brands when it comes to other purchase categories such as apparel, department stores, travel and video games. Below are the category winners.

  • Apparel: Nike takes the top spot in the clothing, apparel and shoes category with a score of 52.9. Adidas takes the no.2 spot with a score of 48.5, followed by Levi’s (46.3), Converse (40.5) and Vans (40.1)
  • Department/drug stores: Hip-hop lovers view Target most favorably (47.3) followed by Costco (33.2), Walgreens (28.4) TJ Maxx (29.2) and Walmart (29.2).
  • Quick-service dining: Dairy Queen (39.4) tops the list of quick-service dining establishments followed closely by Wendy’s (38.1), Pizza Hut (34.3), Dunkin’ (34.1) and Krispy Kreme (33.4).
  • Hotels: When it comes to travel accommodations, Hilton ranks no.1 at 40.1 in a close race against Marriott (39.5). Holiday Inn (33.2), Courtyard by Marriott (31.3) and Holiday Inn Express (29.9) are other popular brands among hip-hop enthusiasts.
  • Video game franchises: Super Mario Bros. (55.4) Is the top ranked video game franchise among hip-hop fans, outpacing every other video game franchise by a wide margin. The Legend of Zelda (31.2) is the next most popular video game brand, followed by Mortal Kombat (25.2), The Sims (24.4) and Call of Duty (23.7).

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Photo by Breakreate on Unsplash