The Podheads: US Audience Profile & Brand Rankings 2023
August 23rd, 2023, YouGov

The Podheads: US Audience Profile & Brand Rankings 2023

Even as the podcast ears race begins to cool, podcast listenership continues to grow, both in number of listeners and time spent listening.

Nearly a quarter of Americans now listen to 5+ hours of podcasts per week, up from 18% in 2021. Who are these “Podheads,” and which brands are winning them over?

YouGov’s new US Podheads report explores the key demographics and attitudes of this unskippable audience. We also spotlight their most considered brands across CPG, Financial Services, Media, Retail, Video Gaming, and more.

Download the new report to learn:

  • How much has podcast listening grown in the US since 2021?
  • What activities are Podheads doing while they are listening, and what are their unique characteristics relative to radio listeners?
  • From Amazon Fresh to Zara, who’s winning with the ears (and dollars) of this affluent, growing group of Americans?