Data insights – How Taylor Swift’s appearance scored for Travis Kelce's merch sales
September 27th, 2023, Kineree Shah

Data insights – How Taylor Swift’s appearance scored for Travis Kelce's merch sales

In a recent intriguing unfolding of events Taylor Swift was spotted at a Kansas City Chiefs game, cheering for Travis Kelce. This appearance catapulted Kelce’s jersey sales by a staggering nearly 400%, as reported by Fanatics to TMZ Sports.

YouGov data shows that the relationship may have been primed for commercial success given that Swift fans are already slightly partial towards Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs. For instance, two in five Swift’s fans who view her positively also hold a favorable opinion of Kelce (37%) according to YouGov Ratings data. Moreover, 7% of Swift’s fans crown Kelce as their favorite NFL player. When it comes to the general interest in NFL, a quarter declare it as their top interest (26%), indicating a substantial portion of her fan base already had an interest in the game.

The YouGov Profiles reveals that 10% of Swift’s fans follow or support the Kansas City Chiefs in comparison to just 7% of the general public. Moreover, 26% of Swift’s fans express a positive Impression of the team, inching out the 23% seen among all Americans.

A quarter of Swift’s fans (26%) regard the team as highly prestigious, compared to a slightly lesser 21% among all US adults. Nearly one-fifth of Swift’s fans (19%) would recommend friends or family to support the Kansas City Chiefs, four points higher than all US adults (15%).

An interesting aspect of this saga is the role of impulsive buying behavior. Nearly half of Swift’s fans are identified as impulsive buyers (46%). The high-octane publicity from the appearance, coupled with this impulsive buying tendency, might have ignited a shopping spree among fans, propelling Kelce’s jersey to one of the top 5 selling NFL players' jerseys in the aftermath.

This situation shows how intertwined the worlds of celebrities and sports can be, and it also highlights the potential of tapping into shared fandoms.

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