Where in the world do people want a WeChat style “everything app”?
November 10th, 2023, Christien Pheby

Where in the world do people want a WeChat style “everything app”?

The promise of the “everything app” is pretty much in the name: instead of using separate apps for payments, ride-hailing, communication, food delivery, and whatever else you might need, you use a single, unified app – removing the hassle of flicking between different things every time you want a specific function, and freeing up space on your phone for memes and dog photos and whatever else. None other than Elon Musk has stated his intention to turn X/Twitter into an “everything app”, starting with payment services. 

In practice, though, how many people are interested? Across 17 international markets, half of consumers (50%) say they would be keen to use an everything app, with fewer than two in five (37%) saying they would not. But the level of interest varies heavily. 

On the positive side, consumers in Indonesia (88%), the UAE (78%), Singapore (73%), India (70%), and Mexico (70%) are most enthusiastic about the idea of a super-app. The gap between the top five and the rest is more than ten points, but a majority of consumers in Hong Kong (59%), Spain (55%), and Poland (52%) express interest in the idea. 

At the other end of the scale, Danish (27%), American (29%) German (30%), and British (32%) consumers are least likely to say they’d use an everything app.

So if you’re working for a tech company looking to market an everything app – or partner your own offering with an existing app – you will hopefully now have a better idea of which markets are open to them, and which may require more convincing. 

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