Cultural travellers of the UAE and KSA
October 23rd, 2023, Shivanshi Shah

Cultural travellers of the UAE and KSA

Are you interested in understanding the preferences and behaviours of Middle Eastern travellers who value immersive cultural experiences when exploring other countries?

According to YouGov Profiles data, 27% of UAE and 23% of KSA consumers feel that you can only get to know a country when travelling by experiencing its culture. To gain valuable insights into this growing segment of cultural travellers, download YouGov's latest Profile Peek, 'Cultural Travellers of the UAE and KSA.'

This report provides a comprehensive look at their multi-dimensional consumer profile, helping you tailor your experiences and services to meet their preferences and desires.

  • Demographics & mindset
  • Most considered destinations
  • Leisure & entertainment preferences
  • Favourite retail brands
  • Most preferred payment methods
  • Outlook towards media & advertisements