Gaming Buzz – Dec 2023: GTA revs up a storm in the US and UK
January 16th, 2024, Rishad Dsouza

Gaming Buzz – Dec 2023: GTA revs up a storm in the US and UK

GTA VI is a year away from release but chat about it has been ubiquitous for a while. So, it’s no surprise that the franchise topped gaming Buzz charts in both the US and Britain in December, which is when the first official trailer for the title dropped, promising a 2025 release.

Among gamers in Britain, Buzz scores for the franchise rose from an average of 14.4 in November to 24.7 in December. An almost equally impressive jump was witnessed in the US, with scores rising 8.9 points.

In Britain, GTA had also topped the chart in November, which means Buzz has soared up by roughly 18 points since October.

A franchise’s Buzz score is the difference between the percentage of respondents hearing positive things (from friends, family, or the media) and the percentage hearing negative things about it in the past two weeks. This Buzz movers piece highlights the video game franchises that registered the biggest month-over-month upticks in Buzz scores among gamers. Gamers are defined as those who play on PC or console for at least an hour each week.

Battlefield claimed a distant second spot in Britain with a 5.3-point jump, possible stemming from the release of a new update to Battlefield 2042 in the final month of the year. The Sims rounds off the list in the market.

Among US gamers, PUBG rose 8.6 points, possibly an indication of the commentary generated by the ‘Rondo’ short-film featuring Daniel Wu and Lee Jung-Jae in tense gun combat. Rondo is the name of the new battleground – the tenth one released by the franchise. Clash of Clans rounds off the list with a 7.8-point bump in scores.

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