NBA, M&M’s and Humana: US Advertisers of the Month for November 2023
December 19th, 2023, Clifton Mark

NBA, M&M’s and Humana: US Advertisers of the Month for November 2023

NBA, M&M’s and Humana are the US Advertisers of the Month for November 2023. This means that these brands showed the largest increases in Ad Awareness for the month of all the brands tracked in BrandIndex. Ad Awareness measures how many consumers have seen an ad for a brand in the past two weeks.

The NBA’s promotional blitz surrounding the new in-season tournament appears to be working.

Ad Awareness for the league rose from 21.1% to a peak of 28.3% in November for a gain of 7.2[JS1] [CM2] percentage points, more than any other brand tracked by YouGov BrandIndex. During the same period, Ad Awareness for the in-season tournament itself more than doubled from 2.2% to 5.5%.

To promote the new early-season tentpole, the NBA produced an Ocean’s 11-inspired video ad called “The Heist.” Set in Las Vegas, the spot stars Michael Imperioli and seven NBA stars plotting to obtain the NBA Cup. The ad was created by Translation, the same agency responsible for the “Everyone’s Game” season tip-off campaign.

M&M’s had the second greatest rise in Ad Awareness for November, from 28.9% to 36.0%.

Following a very popular Halloween campaign this year, the brand traded its witch’s hat for a Santa cap. In honour of the holiday season, M&M’s has released a new white chocolate vanilla flavour as well as bringing back its mint chocolate Christmas candy in festive red, white and green colors.

Insurance provider Humana is the third US Advertiser of the Month rising 5.7 points in Ad Awareness from 16.0% to 21.7%[BR3] . Humana’s recent “Original Influencers” campaign shares stories of seniors who are thriving later in life. This ad follows Norma, who runs the Sharing is Caring Garden in Jackson, Mississippi.

Advertisers of the Month for October, 2023

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Methodology: YouGov BrandIndex collects data on thousands of brands every day. A brand’s Ad Awareness score is based on the question: “Which of the following consumer brands have you seen an advertisement for in the past two weeks?” Data from surveys of adults aged 18 years and above residing in the United States from October 26 and November 25, 2023. Ad Awareness scores are based on a four-week moving average. The change in scores for each brand is calculated by taking the difference between the highest and lowest scoring days within the period. Learn more about BrandIndex.

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Thank you. I was following the excel sheet without checking; good eye. [CM2]

Worth noting that this study took place before news broke of the possible Cigna/Humana merger [BR3]