DBS PayLah!: Revolutionizing transactions in Singapore
January 10th, 2024, Carmen Yew

DBS PayLah!: Revolutionizing transactions in Singapore

Singapore's financial scene has been witnessing a seismic shift, fueled by mobile payment apps like DBS PayLah! With a sleek interface, lightning-fast transactions, and a commitment to security, DBS PayLah! has already captivated a sizable user base and boasts a staggering 42% of Singaporeans considering the app.

This report delves into the growth and success of DBS PayLah!, examining its user demographics, payment preferences, and attitudes and behaviors towards various aspects.

In our latest report:

  • DBS PayLah! consideration and current customers
  • A breakdown on demographics
  • Online shopping behavior
  • Attitudes towards QSR and casual dining
  • Attitudes towards travel
  • Media and social media behavior
  • Consumption of streaming services