Building the future: Home ownership in Australia
December 13th, 2023, Carmen Yew

Building the future: Home ownership in Australia

The Australian housing market has undergone significant shifts, with rising prices, evolving preferences, and increasing living costs impacting home ownership aspirations. Our report, "Building the Future: Home ownership in Australia," delves deep into these trends, revealing that 62% of Australians currently own their homes. However, affordability challenges and the growing cost of living present significant barriers to aspiring homeowners.

By exploring these dynamics and highlighting the priorities of property seekers, this report offers valuable insights for policymakers, industry players, and individuals navigating the complex landscape of home ownership in Australia.

Topics uncovered:

  • Intention in purchasing properties and investment properties
  • Age when purchasing first home and confidence in purchasing a house
  • Key priorities and barriers to purchasing properties
  • Parents’ expectations on their children buying homes