Gaming Buzz – Nov 2023: Super Mario Bros., GTA whip up a Buzz in November
December 13th, 2023, Rishad Dsouza

Gaming Buzz – Nov 2023: Super Mario Bros., GTA whip up a Buzz in November

Grand Theft Auto has been all the rage in gaming circles over the past couple of months. Even a lot of YouGov’s own data reporting has centred around the impending launch of the much-awaited GTA VI title. We’ve looked at the appetite for the game in Britain and also cast light on the share of gamers who have played the franchise before turning 18.

It’s no surprise that GTA features in the November 2023 edition of the Gaming Buzz Movers, with its score rising 7.4 points to 14.4 among British gamers. The title doesn’t feature in the American portion of the list, but the franchise did witness an additional 2.3-point rise there after having topped the chart in the previous edition. We can expect to see more of it in the December edition of this analysis.

A franchise’s Buzz score is the difference between the percentage of respondents hearing positive things (from friends, family, or the media) and the percentage hearing negative things about it in the past two weeks. This Buzz movers piece highlights the video game franchises that registered the biggest month-over-month upticks in Buzz scores among gamers. Gamers are defined as those who play on PC or console for at least an hour each week.

Super Mario Bros. also made big gains on the back of the launch of its latest side-scroller, Wonder, in the latter half of 2023. The franchise topped the list in the US with a 7.3-point gain, while coming in second in Britain (+4.3). The latest title has been received positively by most critics and sold 4.3 million copies in just two weeks.

EA Sports FC comes rounds off the list in Britain with an improvement of 3.4 points, possibly fuelled by the revelation of the inclusion of UEFA Euro 2024 in the game.

The Legend of Zelda gained a 6-point jump in the US amid the excitement over the development of a new live-action based on the popular gaming franchise.

Genshin Impact’s 5.3-point gain in Buzz scores sees it round off the list among American gamers.

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Methodology: YouGov BrandIndex collects data on major video gaming franchises. Buzz score is based on the questions: “Over the past two weeks, which of the following video games have you heard something positive about?” and “Now which of the following video games have you heard something negative about?” and delivered as a net score between –100 and +100. Scores reported represent the change between the 30-day daily average between Oct 1– Oct 31, 2023 and Nov 1 – Nov 30, 2023. Scores are based on an average sample size of 266 gamers in Great Britain and 468 in the US. Daily figures are based on a four-week moving average.