Reaching Redditors Report: Inside the hivemind
November 30th, 2023, YouGov

Reaching Redditors Report: Inside the hivemind

Weekly Reddit usage among Americans has increased 2.4x since 2019Download report

Reddit usage has surged since the pandemic, with 12% of Americans now using Reddit once per week, up from 5% in 2019. Frequent Redditors skew younger, with two-thirds (66%) identifying as Gen Z or Millennial.

Who are these young Redditors, and which brands are winning their trust?

YouGov’s US Redditors Report explores the key demographics and interests of this emergent, divergent audience. We also spotlight their most considered brands across Consumer Electronics, CPG, Media, Retail, Video Gaming, and more.

Download the new report to learn:

  • What are the unique demographic characteristics of Redditors?
  • How are Redditors likely to respond to advertising?
  • What are the demographic differences between Reddit lurkers and posters?
  • From Apothic to Legend of Zelda, who are Redditors upvoting with their wallets?