The UAE’s loyalty program enthusiasts
December 11th, 2023, Shivanshi Shah

The UAE’s loyalty program enthusiasts

In the UAE, where a cultural emphasis on luxury, personalized experiences and exclusivity prevails, loyalty programs hold particular importance. The close-knit social connections within the country amplify the impact of such programs, as recommendations from peers play a vital role. If you are a professional looking to harness the power of brand loyalty, YouGov’s latest report is for you.

According to YouGov data, 27% of the UAE consumers are loyalty program enthusiasts. YouGov's latest report ‘The UAE’s loyalty program enthusiasts’ delves into the lifestyles, preferences, and behaviours of this segment. Access the report to gain valuable insights that can empower you to refine your marketing strategies, creating deeper connections and driving business growth.

Download YouGov's latest report and find a comprehensive profile of loyalty program enthusiasts of the UAE. The report includes insights into their:

  • Demographics
  • Travel preferences
  • Luxury shopping behaviour
  • Payment habits
  • Most considered loyalty programs
  • Preferred advertising experiences