Hong Kong Shopping Aisle Rivals: Moms vs Dads
November 21st, 2023, Kevin Rustika

Hong Kong Shopping Aisle Rivals: Moms vs Dads

Discover the revolution happening in Hong Kong's supermarkets as more dads take charge of the shopping cart! Our exclusive sector report, "Shopping Aisle Rivals: Moms vs. Dads," unveils the fascinating dynamics shaping the way families shop for groceries.

In the past six years, Hong Kong has witnessed a significant shift in household dynamics, with an increasing number of Dads taking the lead as the family's primary supermarket shopper. Dive into our latest report to explore the attitudes, habits, and preferences that set Shopping Cart Dads apart from the rest!

Here are some key information that you might learn in our report.

  • Comprehensive Data: Explore statistical trends showcasing the rise of Shopping Cart Dads.
  • Shopping Habits: Compare what's in the carts of moms versus dads and its impact on supermarket strategies.
  • Online vs. Offline Trends: Analyze how technology is influencing the way families shop.