Unveiling UK consumer preferences for health and wellness technologies in cars
February 8th, 2024, Janice Fernandes

Unveiling UK consumer preferences for health and wellness technologies in cars

Which health and wellness features are UK consumers looking for in their future cars? A recent YouGov survey provides valuable insights into the preferences of UK consumers with respect to these emerging features.

Air quality monitoring emerges as a top contender, with 44% of respondents expressing interest in this technology. This feature, which is fitted for example in many Volvos, is particularly appealing to the 18-24 age group (52%) with the appeal gradually decreasing across age brackets, reaching 41% for individuals aged 55 and above.

Fatigue detection systems also garner substantial interest, with 43% of overall respondents expressing a desire for this technology. The 25-34 age group shows the lowest interest at 37%, while the 35-44 age group indicates highest interest (48%).

Roughly a third of all respondents would like their future car to include posture monitoring (such as Mitsubishi have been developing) and noise cancellation features (32% each). While consumers in most age groups are more likely to want posture monitoring, with 18-24-year-olds leading the pack at 39%, 45-54-year-old consumers are significantly more likely to want noise cancellation (35%).

Stress level monitoring and UV-C light sanitization rank lower in terms of consumer preference, each capturing the attention of 20% and 17% of respondents, respectively. Stress level monitoring sees a spike in interest among younger consumers (28% of 18-24-year-olds and 26% of 25-34-year-olds), while UV-C light sanitisation resonates most with 28% of 18–24-year-olds.

Heart rate monitoring, a feature that could potentially provide valuable health insights to drivers, garners interest from 17% of respondents. The 28% response from the 18-24 age group outpaces other age brackets, suggesting a particular appeal to younger drivers.

Only around a quarter of respondents (24%) express a lack of interest in any of these health and wellness technologies in their future cars. This sentiment is most prevalent among the 55+ age group, where 31% of participants prefer not to have any of these features.

Manufacturers in the automotive industry may find this data invaluable as they navigate the integration of cutting-edge technologies into the driving experience, catering to the diverse preferences of their target audiences. 

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Methodology: YouGov Surveys: Serviced provides quick survey results from nationally representative or targeted audiences in multiple markets. This study was conducted online on January 30-31, 2024, with a nationally representative sample of 2,159 adults in the United Kingdom (aged 18+ years), using a questionnaire designed by YouGov. Data figures have been weighted by age, gender, education, social grade and region to be representative of all adults. Learn more about YouGov Surveys: Serviced.

Image: Unsplash.com