The US Media Morph: 2024 trend report
January 25th, 2024, YouGov

The US Media Morph: 2024 trend report

How has US media consumption evolved over the last five years?Download report

The media consumption habits of Americans have shifted dramatically in the past five years. Drawing on YouGov Profiles, our 2024 media trends report offers a data-rich account of these changes, providing media buying professionals at brands and agencies with new insights to inform their media mix, messaging and more.

Download YouGov’s new report to learn:

  • How rapidly are older Americans switching to streaming video?
  • Is social media set to usurp TV as the primary source for news?
  • Which social media channels are trending upward?
  • How does the choice of messaging apps vary across age groups?
  • Which Americans are most ad-adverse, and among those receptive to advertising, where’s the best place to reach them?
  • And much more