Four key facts about Britons who play racing video games on console or PC
January 31st, 2024, YouGov

Four key facts about Britons who play racing video games on console or PC

Racing is one of the oldest video game genres: its history can be traced back to arcade games like Ridge Racer and Out Run through to modern-day megafranchises like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo

But how do console/PC racing gamers compare to the general console/PC gaming public? 

Here are five key takeaways. 

  1. Racing gamers are more likely to be men than regular console/PC gamers

Among Britons who play racing games, 76% are men, while just 24% are women. This is compared to 67% vs. 33% of regular gamers. 

2. Racing gamers are less likely to be over 55 – but more likely to be 35-54 

Along age lines, they’re about as likely to be aged 18-34 (48% vs. 47%), more likely to be 35-54 (45% vs. 37%), and much less likely to be over 55 (7% vs. 16%). In a world where esports players often retire by 25, could deteriorating reflexes play a part? 

3. Racing gamers play longer…and harder? 

While three in ten (31%) regular gamers play video games for over 7 hours a week, this rises to 41% of racing gamers. Some 55% also describe themselves as hardcore/keen gamers, compared to 41% of regular gamers.  

4. Racing gamers are much more likely to play to video games to seek a challenge.

Some 36% of racing gamers say they’re in it to challenge themselves – compared to just 19% of regular gamers.  The top motivations for this group, though, are relaxation (83% vs. 69%), passing the time (58% vs. 53%), and escapism (48% vs. 40%). 

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