Report: Out of home entertainment industry in Britain
November 29th, 2022, YouGov

Report: Out of home entertainment industry in Britain

Like most other industries, leisure and entertainment in the UK has had to contend with the twin challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic followed by high inflation.

In addition, the out-of-home entertainment industry is also faced with the challenge of navigating its way around the increasing influence of at-home entertainment options such as video streaming, which gained increased prominence during the pandemic. A fresh YouGov report, conducted in conjunction with AKA, explores the state of the OOH entertainment industry, and how the industry is being impacted by and could tackle the changing consumer landscape.

The report finds that two-fifths of Britons have stopped at least one regular leisure and entertainment activity (40%) compared to before the start of the pandemic, but a quarter have added something new (27%). The extent to which the appetite for these activities continues to be impacted by COVID-19 and the cost-of-living crisis is covered in detail.

To gain access to the full report, get in touch with Oliver Rowe, Global Sector Head of Leisure & Entertainment at YouGov.

Among the outdoor entertainment activities we asked about, the cinema continues to be the one enjoyed by most Brits. This is particularly noteworthy considering that nearly a tenth of Britons say the increased range of on-demand content streaming options has a stronger impact on cinema-going than on other forms of outdoor entertainment, although those are affected too.

The report goes on to investigate the share of consumers who say they are participating in the various types of out-of-home entertainment activities (such as cinema, theatre, museum, historic sites, zoos, music gigs, etc.) more or less often than before the pandemic.

Among those who are participating in outdoor entertainment less often, what are the biggest deterrents? Expectedly, the cost-of-living increase is a major factor, a concern shared by nearly half of this audience group. But a significant portion of consumers remain deterred by the persistence of concerns around COVID-19. An equally major chunk of consumers say they are going to events less often simply because they’ve not got back to their pre-pandemic habits and routines.

The report also explores the reasons cited by the group of consumers who are going out more often now than before the pandemic. Understanding these key draws can help entertainment brands better identify the tone of messaging when targeting consumers who remain reluctant to go to events. The information sources consumers refer to when picking entertainment options, attitudes towards ticket pricing and local events are also examined in granular detail.

To gain access to the full report, get in touch with Oliver Rowe, Global Sector Head of Leisure & Entertainment at YouGov.

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