Close to half of M'sian voters say they have no qualms sharing who they voted for in this election
November 23rd, 2022, Fiona Robinson

Close to half of M'sian voters say they have no qualms sharing who they voted for in this election

Meanwhile, young voters and those in urban electorates were most likely to avoid people with differing ideologies

Following Malaysia’s 15th general election, polling from YouGov reveals that close to half of citizens have no issues telling those in their circles who they voted for in this election (46%). This is compared to fewer than a quarter who do (24%).

Across age breaks, older voters aged 50 and above were the most likely to say they have no qualms sharing how they voted with friends and family (55%), while just one in six have reservations (16%).

Results among the younger demographics were comparable, with just over two in five taking issue with speaking about their vote with those in their circle (41% for 18-34; 44% for 35-49).

In comparing urban and rural electorates, the former was more likely to express an openness to discussing their vote with friends and family (51% for urban; 42% for rural).

Citizens were also polled on the extent they would avoid people with differing political ideologies to them. Just one in five citizens would (23%), although this is higher among those aged 18-34 (25%) and highest among those in rural electorates (27%).


YouGov interviewed 2,687 Malaysian Citizens across Malaysia between 8th and 14th November 2022. The effective margin of error on this survey is ± 2.4. YouGov conducts its polling using active sampling techniques from our online panel. When using Active Sampling, restrictions are put in place to ensure that only the people contacted are allowed to participate. We target specific demographics to ensure that the final sample is representative of the population by age, gender, ethnicity, education levels and electorate. This approach is used for YouGov polling globally.