Responsible travellers in Indonesia most want to travel to Japan: YouGov report
September 21st, 2022, Fiona Robinson

Responsible travellers in Indonesia most want to travel to Japan: YouGov report

YouGov's latest travel rankings offer a benchmark for brands and destinations to evaluate their positions in the context of sustainable travel

Responsible travellers in Indonesia – defined as those who are wellness-focused, culturally minded and care about environmental impact– most want to travel to Japan, according to YouGov’s latest report for the travel and tourism sector.

The YouGov Destination Rankings 2022 reveals the destinations that score higher in terms of consideration amongst responsible travellers. YouGov DestinationIndex measures the public’s perception of destinations on a daily basis across a range of measures, and the rankings were compiled using Consideration scores from July 2021 to June 2022.

After Japan – which had a Consideration score of 31.2% among responsible travellers – were Singapore (23.0) and South Korea (21.3).


Middle Eastern destinations Dubai and Saudi Arabia were the next highest ranked, with Consideration scores of 16.9 and 16.8 respectively. This was followed by Switzerland, the first European destination on the ranking (12.5).

Australia (11.4) and Malaysia (9.6) were ranked seventh and eighth respectively, followed by the Netherlands (9.4) and New Zealand (9.4), which rounded off the top ten.

Discover the leading brands and destinations in the eyes of sustainable travellers in the full report here.


YouGov publishes brand rankings yearly based on the data from our always-on brand tracker, YouGov BrandIndex and destination tracker, YouGov DestinationIndex. Both travel brands and destinations are tracked daily around the world, enabling us to consistently and accurately measure consumer attitudes towards those brands (organisations in the travel industry and countries tracked in a dedicated YouGov BrandIndex sector survey).

However, instead of taking the views of a general population, we zoomed in on how those brands in the travel and tourism industry rank amongst the Responsible Traveller segment i.e., those who self-identify as wellness-focused, care about environmental impact and are culturally minded.

Top 10 brands (Ranking criteria)


Brands are ranked by Consideration scores between 2021-22 (1st July 2021 to 30th June 2022)

Base size

A minimum base size of 100 is selected for a brand to qualify for the ranking

Number of days tracked

Additionally, a brand must have a non-zero volume for at least 6 months (183 days) in order to qualify for the ranking with the exception of Denmark where a non-zero volume for 5 months (150 days) applies.


Responsible Travelers are defined as consumers who indicate they are wellness-focused, care about environmental impact and are culturally minded

Brand Inclusion

Only country brands (destinations) are included; domestic market excluded from top 10. The airlines and transportation sub-sectors have been excluded from this ranking.