hits it out of the park with T20 World Cup fans
November 4th, 2022, YouGov hits it out of the park with T20 World Cup fans

Across key T20 World Cup markets, sponsor has a markedly higher Buzz score among fans of the tournament

YouGov BrandIndex provides us with a range of metrics by which to measure a brand’s standing among a group of consumers over a set time frame. With the T20 World Cup well under way in Australia, we look at how select global brands have performed among fans of the T20 World Cup in key markets.

Fans of the T20 World Cup are defined as those who say they are “somewhat interested” in the event, or that it is one of their “top interests”.

The three sponsors we examine in this piece are brands with a global presence –, Oppo and Nissan. BrandIndex data shows that these brands tend to have significantly higher traction among fans of the T20 World Cup than among those who say they are not at all interested in the event or that they are only a little interested. This is particularly obvious among fans in Australia and India, but less so in Britain.

YouGov’s Buzz score is the difference between the percentage of respondents hearing positive news and the percentage hearing negative news about a brand in the previous two weeks.

null, which is the official accommodation partner of the T20 World Cup, appears to have been the biggest beneficiary. The brand’s 30-day average Buzz score among fans in Australia (21.1) is almost twice that as among Australians who aren’t too interested in the event or aren’t interested at all (10.8). Nissan (9.2 fans vs 5.6 among non-fans) and Oppo (4.6 vs 3.4) also have made a mark.

Even among Indian fans of the event, claims a dominant lead among fans of the World Cup (21.2) than non-fans (15.1), while Nissan and Oppo also enjoy a clear lead among fans.

Among Britons, it is Nissan that has claimed the most telling lead among T20 World Cup fans (4.8 vs 2.4 among non-fans). appears to have made a solid impact even on T20 World Cup fans in non-traditional cricket regions such as the US and UAE. In the US, the travel booking platform’s Buzz score among fans was 19.8 as of October 30, compared to 6.4 among those not interested in the World Cup. In UAE,’s Buzz score is 6.1 points higher among fans (17.2 vs 11.1).