The path to purchase for seasonal events in APAC
September 8th, 2022, Carmen Yew

The path to purchase for seasonal events in APAC

Seasonal events have a long-standing tradition in the retail world as retailers are offering major discounts to celebrate these events.

What are the seasonal events that stick in the APAC region? Following the recent release of YouGov’s FMCG & Retail Whitepaper detailing the seasonal events and purchasing behaviour in the global level, we are delving deeper into the APAC region to discover whether the same behaviour is also exhibited.

Topics covered:

  • Top seasonal events shopped for the last 12 months in APAC and the statistics
  • How far in advance do consumers plan their purchases
  • Who are seasonal event shoppers buying for?
  • Type of category purchased
  • How to engage the seasonal shoppers?

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The insights in this report are drawn from a recent global YouGov Custom Research survey exploring shopping and consumption behaviour in relation to seasonal events. The survey exclusively focuses on the following events: Christmas or Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Summer Holidays, Easter or Spring Break, Back-to-School, Amazon Prime Day/Week, Halloween, and Singles’ Day. This research was conducted across 18 global markets and fielded between 23rd February 2022 and 15th March 2022.