GB: Lidl is looking to fill over 1,000 new roles: Does it impact how Lidl is seen as an employer?
October 20th, 2022, Shinmin Bali

GB: Lidl is looking to fill over 1,000 new roles: Does it impact how Lidl is seen as an employer?

Earlier this month, Lidl announced that it is on the lookout for over “1,000 new colleagues.” Over the next five months, the supermarket will bring onboard the new hires across its stores and warehouses in the UK. Amid rising inflation and the resultant cost-of-living crisis, news about large-scale hiring such as this, is expected to be welcome news.

So is Lidl, as an employer brand, being seen any differently since the hiring announcement?

The retailer made the announcement on 4 October, not long after its Reputation score was at a peak for the period observed. The Reputation metric measures whether consumers would be proud or embarrassed to work for the brand.

According to YouGov BrandIndex – which tracks consumer sentiment towards thousands of brands daily – the score at that time was coming down from a peak of 8.4 on 29 September.

However, since the hiring plans were announced, the Reputation scores have recovered from the downward trend and surpassed the 29 September peak. The metric rose from a net score of 3.5 on 4 October to peak at 10.5 on 14 October.

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Methodology: YouGov BrandIndex collects data on thousands of brands every day. Lidl’s Reputation score is based on the question: Imagine you were looking for a job (or advising a friend looking for a job). Which of the following supermarkets would you be proud to work for? Data from surveys of adults aged 18 years and above residing in UK from 19 September 2022 and 18 October 2022. Reputation scores are based on a one week moving average. The change in scores for each brand is calculated by taking the difference between the highest and lowest scoring days within the period. Learn more about BrandIndex.