Global: Digital experience in cinema – Are consumers happy?
October 4th, 2022, Kineree Shah

Global: Digital experience in cinema – Are consumers happy?

2022 has been a slow year for movie theatres so far and some owners are stepping up their marketing game to lure movie-goers by enhancing the digital customer experience. Cinema chain AMC has announced its plan to invest $250 million to bring Cinionic's laser projectors to 3,500 of its U.S. auditoriums by 2026. Rival cinema group, Cinemark also launched a multi-platform campaign highlighting Cinemark XD, a 70-foot screen to improve the cinematic experience. A few small and big theatres are undergoing renovations and seat upgrades. But away from the in-venue experience, are cinemas investing enough in the digital experience for consumers looking to browse and book online?

In a new YouGov poll, we asked consumers across 18 international markets which sectors provide a good digital experience (like online or in-app interactions) for customers. More than one in five global audience picked movie theatres (23%). Along with sports events (16% globally) and car brands (14% globally), this makes cinemas one of the least popular industries for offering a good digital consumer experience. At the top we have banks (46%), streaming services (34%) and phone carriers (33%).

At 37%, Indians are most likely to say movie theatres provide a good digital experience. After India, consumers from China are more likely among Asian respondents to share the same opinion (34%). About a quarter of consumers in the UAE, Indonesia, and Hong Kong (between 25 and 29%) believe that movie theatres give their patrons an excellent online experience. Only a fifth of Singaporeans, the lowest percentage among the other six Asian nations, say that moviegoers have a positive digital experience when it comes to browsing and booking..

In Europe, a quarter of Spanish customers believe theatres offer a decent digital experience. This figure drops below 20% in Britain (19%), Sweden (19%), Italy (18%) and France (17%). Only one in 10 Germans say theatres provide a good online experience – the least among all surveyed markets.

In the North American market, more than a third of Mexicans say that movie theatres offer an excellent online digital experience. This number drops in the US (18%) and even further in Canada (14%). Overall, the data suggests that while some cinemas may be investing in state-of-the-art in-house experiences, for many consumers, the journey to get in front of the screen leaves a lot to be desired.

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