US: Burberry announces Minecraft crossover – Are the label’s current customers big on gaming?
October 31st, 2022, Lesley Simeon

US: Burberry announces Minecraft crossover – Are the label’s current customers big on gaming?

Burberry has collaborated with video game Minecraft for a new in-game adventure called ‘Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond.’ Players can download 15 skins to dress their characters in the British label’s apparel as well as purchase merchandise. The high fashion brand releasing a clothing line inspired by the Minecraft universe.

While brands trying to woo gamers is not a new trend, we use YouGov data to find how many of Burberry’s current customers identify themselves as gamers.

According to YouGov Profiles - which covers demographic, psychographic, attitudinal and behavioral consumer metrics - Burberry customers are more likely than the general US population to identify as gamers. 52% of customers who have bought from Burberry or tend to buy from the brand agree with the statement that they see themselves as a gamer. This is notably higher than the 30% of the general US population who identify themselves as gamers.

Burberry’s collaboration with the Mojang Studios-owned game might find favour among its customers, given they are more likely than the general population to see themselves as gamers.

Additionally, more Burberry customers (30%) have played adventure games like Minecraft on their mobile devices in the past month compared to the general American public (9%).

Burberry customers are also more likely to opt for in-game purchases if they helped them play better (48%) than the general population in the US (28%).

Not only do a significant section of Burberry consumers identify themselves as gamers, they are also more likely than the general US population to play games like Minecraft and make in-game purchases – all positives for the fashion label’s new initiative. It will be interesting to see whether the crossover will help Burberry expand its footprint among gamers.

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Methodology: YouGov Profiles is based on continuously collected data and rolling surveys, rather than from a single limited questionnaire. Profiles data for US and UK is nationally representative and weighted by age, gender, education, region, and race. Learn more about Profiles.