Brand attitudes among fans of FIFA World Cup in Sweden
November 9th, 2022, Tove Keldsen

Brand attitudes among fans of FIFA World Cup in Sweden

The 22nd FIFA World Cup will draw millions to the screens and Qatar as it kicks off in November, providing an opportunity for the brands and media to be where their audience is.

One in five (19%) describes FIFA World Cup as a top interest, while one in four say that they are somewhat interested.

Using YouGov BrandIndex’s impression score, we have compared brand attitudes among FIFA fans (19% of the nation describing FIFA World Cup as a top interest) and the nation. While many brand favorites are at the top of both lists, there are also great differences.


YouGov BrandIndex Difference Rankings are compiled by asking fans of FIFA and the nation if they have a positive or negative impression of a certain brand. Scores are net scores that are calculated by subtracting the percentage of negative responses from the percentage of positive responses. The ranking shows the greatest differences.

The greatest difference between FIFA fans and the nation was SAS, with a difference of 10.2 in impression score. FIFA fans also like soft drink brands better than the nation as Pepsi, Pepsi Max, and Coca-Cola are among the brands with the greatest difference in impression score. So are Carlsberg and Norrlandsguld, two brands that target sports fans in their advertisement campaigns and can be associated with watching a sports match.

Viaplay offers live sports, and most football leagues can be streamed here, which explains why they have a higher impression score among FIFA fans than the nation.

Volvo, one of Sweden’s favorites, has a high impression score in the nation of 48.8 points but an even higher among FIFA fans (57.3) and rounding up the top ten of greatest differences between the nation and FIFA fans.

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