Digital transformation of KSA’s financial sector
March 3rd, 2022, Deeksha Raina

Digital transformation of KSA’s financial sector

With the digitalization sweeping through the financial industry in Saudi Arabia, there is a rapid surge in customer acceptance of digital banking. Consumers are now open to new possibilities; their expectations and demands are evolving. According to YouGov's latest research, "91% of Saudi residents prefer online/app banking over traditional."

Our latest infographic, Changing financial landscape of Saudi Arabia", deep dives into Saudi consumers' digital banking appetite and awareness of cryptocurrency. The data used in the infographic was collected using RealTime, YouGov's full-service omnibus and targeted research solution, which provides quick survey results from nationally representative or bespoke audiences.

Download the free infographic to learn more about the findings, which includes:

  • Preferred mode of banking
  • Reasons for preferring online banking
  • Awareness of cryptocurrency
  • Top motivators for buying cryptocurrency
  • Top reasons for not buying cryptocurrency

Download the infographic