Biggest Brand Movers in the US (April 2022)
April 19th, 2022, Hoang Nguyen

Biggest Brand Movers in the US (April 2022)

Every month, YouGov looks at the brands that register notable upticks in brand health and advertising penetration. Airbnb takes the top spot among US brands, making significant improvements in eight of 13 brand metrics between February and March 2022.

According to YouGov BrandIndex, which tracks consumer perceptions toward brands, the accommodations rental company sees lifts in key metrics such as Word of Mouth Exposure, Impression, Value, Reputation, Recommend, Quality, Consideration and Purchase Intent.

The travel company’s improvements in brand health coincide with its announcement that it will fund housing and shelter for 100,000 Ukrainian refugees following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Read how opinions and consideration for Airbnb changed around the world following the brand’s announcement to shelter Ukraine’s refugees.

Next up are consumer goods brands Triscuit and Dove Men+Care, both of which make significant strides in several areas of brand health. Amid rising prices of goods and consumer perceptions of increased spending, Triscuit manages to improve its overall Value score and even win over a greater share of consumers who would consider the cracker brand.

Fashion retailer Burlington and furniture retailer Ashley HomeStore are big gainers this month as the seasonal change brings shoppers in looking to update their clothing and home for spring. Both retailers have plans to expand their physical store presence in the US, with Burlington’s recent purchase of a new distribution center in California and Ashley HomeStore following with a similar move in Georgia.

Media and tech brands Spotify, EA Sports, Amazon and YouTube feature on the list of Biggest Brand Movers. Spotify recently launched Blend, a feature that allows users to bond with friends over music and create personalized playlists with a group of up to 10 people.

Six measures of EA Sports’ brand health edged up particularly in terms of Word of Mouth Exposure, Buzz, Consideration and Current Customer. The video game publisher may be considering a name change to its popular FIFA video game franchise after more than 30 years of working with FIFA. The potential rebranding comes amid a recent decision by EA Sports’ to remove Russia’s national team and domestic league from the game—a move in line with its partners at FIFA and UEFA.

Americans tend to think well of companies who stop doing business with Russia, according to a recent YouGov poll. See what else they think about brands taking a stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In addition to driving up its Advertising Awareness, Celebrity Cruises also registers lifts in Buzz and general Impression after the company announced on International Women’s Day that one-third of its bridge officers are female. This marks a major milestone for a cruise company, especially when women comprise less than 2% of mariners in the cruise industry.

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Data for the Biggest Brand Movers in April compared statistically significant score increases across all BrandIndex metrics between February 2022 and March 2022. Brands are ranked based on the number of metrics that saw a statistically significant increase from month to month. Metrics considered are:

Media & communication metrics:


  • Aided Awareness – Whether or not a consumer has ever heard of a brand
  • Ad Awareness – Whether a consumer has seen or heard an advertisement for a brand in the past two weeks
  • Word of Mouth Exposure – Whether a consumer has talked about a brand with family or friends in the past two weeks
  • Buzz – Whether a consumer has heard anything positive or negative about a brand in the past two weeks (net score)

Brand perception metrics

  • Impression – Whether a consumer has a positive or negative impression of a brand
  • Value – Whether a consumer considers a brand to represent good or poor value for money
  • Reputation – Whether a consumer would be proud or embarrassed to work for a particular brand
  • Satisfaction – Whether a consumer is currently a satisfied or dissatisfied customer of a particular brand
  • Recommend – Whether a consumer would recommend a brand to a friend or colleague or not
  • Quality – Whether a consumer considers a brand to represent good or poor quality

Purchase funnel metrics

  • Consideration – If a consumer would consider a brand or not the next time they are in the market for a purchase
  • Purchase Intent – Whether a consumer would be most likely or unlikely to purchase a specific product
  • Current Customer – Whether a consumer has recently purchased/owns a given product or not