Past and future of media consumption in India
March 13th, 2022, Anisha Sharma

Past and future of media consumption in India

Media is one of the most dynamic industries across the globe, from the Doordarshan's Ramayan to the age of video on demand, music streaming and podcasts. There has been a tremendous change over the past decade in how Indians consume media. Especially in the last two years, due to covid-19, viewership across different mediums saw an enormous surge.

YouGov’s latest infographic, ‘Future of Media Consumption in India’ provides a view on ever-evolving media consumption habits and media channel preferences. Data reveals that 28% of urban Indians are likely to subscribe to podcasts in 2022.

Download the full infographic to get in-depth insights on the past and future of media consumption in India.

The infographic includes:-

  • Past media landscape
  • Expected increase in media consumption in 2022
  • Future of paid subscriptions

Download the infographic now