Profile Peek: Online shopping with Augmented Reality
February 18th, 2022, YouGov

Profile Peek: Online shopping with Augmented Reality

Mobile augmented reality (AR) users worldwide are expected to reach 1.1 billion this year from 810 million last year.

In 2022, businesses are expected to adopt AR-enabled solutions to enhance customer engagement. They would use AR to engage audiences who are still worried about returning to physical stores. Brands would also focus on AR-live streaming to promote and sell their products via eCommerce apps and social media platforms. Influencers would typically demonstrate and describe the products on such live streams.

34% of Americans think Augmented Reality would make online shopping more fun.

Using YouGov Profiles, a proprietary audience profiling and segmentation platform collecting data on 400,000 variables from 350,000 panelists, marketers and researchers can get a deeper understanding of the 34% of Americans who say Augmented Reality would enhance their online shopping experience.

Our latest Profile Peek sheds light on key demographic, attitudinal and behavioral patterns of online shoppers and helps understand their social media consumptions habits by sharing key insights on their most preferred social platforms. This analysis gives brand researchers and advertisers quick and actionable insights into online shoppers who are in favor of using Augmented Reality while shopping and helps identify the early adopters who not only buy the latest technology products as soon as they release but also love recommending things for people to try.

The free Profile Peek also provides a unique perception into this cohort, including:

  • Their demographics
  • Their technology consumption
  • The retail brands that impress them most
  • Their media consumption habits
  • The social networks they use

Download the full Profile Peek to discover more about Americans who think Augmented Reality would make online shopping more fun.