How Channel 4 used YouGov BrandIndex to prove Ad Awareness increase for new-to-TV grocery brand
March 8th, 2022, Emily Patel

How Channel 4 used YouGov BrandIndex to prove Ad Awareness increase for new-to-TV grocery brand


How Channel 4 proved the effectiveness of advertising with new-to-TV clients with YouGov

The challenge

Channel 4 wanted a more data driven approach in tracking advertising effectiveness to encourage new-to-TV advertisers.

The solution

YouGov BrandIndex was used to track an advertising client and analyse the performance of their ad campaign.

Business outcomes

Demonstrable significant increases in key brand health metrics among their client’s target audience, as well as Channel 4 viewers.

Business challenge

UK broadcaster Channel 4 were approached by media agency Alchemy after research showed that their TV platform attracted consumers with the highest propensity to purchase. Alchemy wanted to add a layer of detail beyond correlated sales figures to help prove the effectiveness of advertising with Channel 4.

Alchemy’s client and first-time advertiser on Channel 4, HECK, wanted to raise brand awareness amongst their target audience of younger, upmarket consumers. HECK needed to achieve a high return on marketing spend for the campaign to be effective.

Solution & approach

Long-term users of YouGov’s daily brand tracking tool, YouGov BrandIndex, Channel 4 added the HECK brand to the Chilled & Frozen Food sector before the start of their advertising campaign. During the campaign, YouGov BrandIndex provided daily analysis of 16 essential brand health metrics, including Awareness, Ad Awareness, Consideration, Purchase Intent and Customer Status, alongside tracking the audiences most important for measuring campaign success: Nationally Representative; ABC1 Main Shoppers (25-54); and Channel 4 viewers.

At the end of the campaign, YouGov had enough data to run pre, during and post-campaign analysis, allowing Channel 4 to benchmark their client’s campaign against objectives, identify trends, and inform recommendations for future marketing activity.

YouGov has continued to collect daily brand data on HECK for more than a year after the end of their campaign, meaning Channel 4 can provide them with a like-for-like comparison with any future campaigns they run with the channel. Crucially, Channel 4 will be able to use our industry-leading audience insight tool, YouGov Profiles, to target the audience segments that converted most strongly, whilst also gaining valuable insight and addressing any barriers to purchase in other audience segments.

Business outcomes

Using YouGov BrandIndex, Channel 4 were able to use data to prove that their advertising partnership with Alchemy and HECK resulted in significant increases in Ad Awareness among all audiences, with Channel 4 viewers experiencing the largest increase- peaking at 12.6% above a nationally representative sample. Among the target audiences, Main Shoppers ABC1 (25-54) saw the highest score at 10.6%.

Brand Awareness scores increased in the weeks after the campaign and achieved a 10.2% increase with the Main Shoppers ABC1 (25-54) audience. All audiences saw an increase in Consideration scores for HECK, with the Main Shoppers ABC1 (25-54) target group peaking at 39.5%.

YouGov BrandIndex gave Channel 4 the means to objectively demonstrate the full value of advertising on their channel, increasing the likelihood of repeat contract renewals with clients.

Client testimonial

“The ability to add HECK to YouGov BrandIndex gave us the tools to prove the effectiveness of advertising on our channel and enabled us to add an extra layer of understanding about how our client’s target audience responded to the advertisement.”

Richard Marsh, Client Sales Lead at Channel 4

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