Power and reach of gaming influencers in the UAE
January 10th, 2022, Anisha Sharma

Power and reach of gaming influencers in the UAE

As kids, we were all almost addicted to video games like Super Mario, NFS, GTA and many more. However, gaming enthusiasts have turned this passion into a profession. Many gamers have gained tons of followers on their social media platforms and have created a community for themselves.

YouGov’s latest study reveals, 13% of UAE residents follow gaming influencers, out of which 34% are aged between 25-34 years.

This data is drawn from YouGov’s three-part global report series, Game-changers: the power of gaming influencers.

Download YouGov’s latest infographic, ‘Power & Reach of Gaming Influencers in the UAE’ to get unique insights on the profile of gaming influencer followers, their preferred gaming device, number of hours spent gaming and more.

Download the infographic