How do women across the globe find new music?
March 8th, 2022, Sonika Choubey

How do women across the globe find new music?

The music industry continues to evolve rapidly with the expansion of technology and social media. As multiple options are now available, data from YouGov sheds light on how female consumers discover music.

Data reveal that music apps such as Spotify are the most popular way to discover new tunes among women across the globe (36%), particularly in Mexico (where 56% of women said this) and APAC markets (44%).

Social media is also a powerful platform for artists, as one third (34%) of female consumers across the globe said that is where they find new music. Women between 18-24 (56%) and 25-34 (45%) are especially likely to find artists they like on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

Another third still find recent music on terrestrial or satellite radio (33%); however, this is more common among European women.

Friends and family play an important role in new music discovery among women around the world (29%), though particularly in Mexico and APAC region.

Movie and television soundtracks are also crucial for new music releases. Much like personal recommendations, roughly three in ten women (28%) say they’ve added to their music catalogue thanks to films or shows. This trend is more common among women in Mexico, UAE and APAC.

Fewer women discover music through commercials (13%), websites (10%), podcasts (7%) and video games (5%). Although video games rank lowest on the list, it is interesting to note that one in eight women worldwide between 18-24 have found music via a video game, which is a testament to the importance of soundtracks and scores in video games.

Looking specifically into the UAE, we find that social media is the most popular avenue for finding fresh tunes, far exceeding discovery through any other source. Social media is more prominent among women than men (63% vs 52%), particularly those between 35 and 44 years (at 75%).

Music apps and movie and television soundtracks are also crucial for discovery, and roughly two in five UAE women said they find music through these sources (38% each). Comparatively, music apps are more popular among women than men (38% vs 29%).

Social media plays an important role not just in music discovery but in many other aspects of life. Data from YouGov Profiles, an audience segmentation tool, shows two in five women in the UAE have a favourable view of social media and agree with the statement- “Social media changes my life for the better”. Unsurprisingly, this sentiment is stronger among younger women (below 35 years).

Furthermore, 57% of women said they spend more time on social media now than they did a year ago. The agreement is common across age groups. The high penetration of social media among women in the UAE presents a strong opportunity for brands and advertisers looking to engage with a highly receptive and engaged set of consumers.

A deeper dive into their attitudes towards advertising reveals three in five women (60%) agree they often notice advertisements on the internet. Furthermore, women are more likely to agree than disagree (36% vs 21%) with the statement that they are more likely to engage with advertisements on social media than on regular websites.

With social media serving a myriad of purposes- from information sharing to video entertainment content, to music discovery, it is important for brands to better understand the needs and preferences of their target audience.

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