Behavioral: Online Search & Social

360˚ view of online sentiment

YouGov Behavioral: Online Search & Social delivers powerful social insights. For consumer reactions, sector insights, brand affinities and everything else you need from 46+ digital sources in over 40 markets.

Monitor every major piece of online and offline marketing for your brand, gauge its performance, optimize your ongoing ad spend, and more.

Segment online audiences with unmatched demographics using lookalike modelling from YouGov’s authentic, engaged global panel of 27 million+ registered members.

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Analyze online opinion

Track real-time digital expression of opinions using our state-of-the-art natural language processing with 93% sentiment accuracy.

Monitor social activity and organic online sentiment from your audience, enriching your understanding of what makes them tick. Discover content that correlates with strong social buzz and engagement, learning what your audience best responds to enable content strategies guaranteed to hit home.

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Diagnostic digital analytics

Access an enormous range of digital and social data, including all social media, search, Wikipedia and news articles.

Use YouGov’s extensive reach to rank, compare, and contrast any brand’s online performance in your sector, on a micro or macro level.

Track content and brand affinities, discovering brands and content that frequently overlap, and which are most discussed by your audiences.


6 distinct modules

With access to 6 distinct modules, YouGov Behavioral: Online Search & Social services clients in all sectors, depending on your needs.

Film & TV

Dive into global public opinion and track performance of film & TV titles.

Talent & public figures

Identify film & TV audience favorites and utilize our popularity and sentiment metrics for personal brand and reputation management.

Brands & industries

Get a comprehensive view into online brand health.

Politics & trends

Go beyond the headlines by gauging online interest and perception trends for politics, healthcare, and broad societal trends.

Custom insights & research

Work with our expert audience strategists and data scientists to craft custom reporting plans and data-driven strategies.

Raw data feed

Regular data transfers so you can seamlessly integrate our social listening metrics with your own in-house processing.

Solutions & Products

Explore living data

Connect data from YouGov Behavioral: Online Search & Social to audience insights from YouGov Profiles and brand health data from YouGov BrandIndex for a holistic analysis of your target audience and brand, with general and sector-specific data gathered daily from YouGov’s panel members worldwide.