BMW tops YouGov China’s 2021 Automotive Rankings
March 16th, 2021, Kim Ho

BMW tops YouGov China’s 2021 Automotive Rankings

· YouGov releases global ranking of best car brands

· Top five automotive brands are German

· Volkswagen consumers most satisfied (+11.9) and seen as most value-for-money (+19.5)

· Porsche comes in second (+34.3) for Quality

BMW tops YouGov’s 2021 Automotive Rankings for China with an Index score of +26.6, making it the car brand with the best overall brand health according to the Chinese.

The rankings are compiled using YouGov BrandIndex Index score, a measure of overall brand health calculated by taking the average of Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend and Reputation scores. The rankings are measured from 1 February 2020 to 31 January 2021.


BMW comes up top in four of the six metrics – particularly for Quality, holding a score of +41.2, scoring 6.9 points higher than Porsche (+34.2) which comes in second for Quality. BMW is beat out by Volkswagen (+19.5) however when it comes to Value (measuring which brand consumers find to be most value-for-money), as well as by Audi (+18.2) and Toyota (+17.1). BMW ranks fourth (+16.2) for this metric. BMW also comes in fourth (+4.6) for Satisfaction – the top spot for most satisfied car customer brand is for Volkswagen (+11.9), followed by Toyota (+6.5) and Audi (+5.3).

The top five automotive brands in China are all German. Audi comes in second (+23.7), Mercedes-Benz in third (+20.4) and Porsche in fourth (+19.3). Porsche appears in second (+31.3) for its Reputation score (which measures the corporate reputation of a brand by asking which brands consumers would be proud of working for). Volkswagen wraps up the top five with a score of +15.1. Two other German brands appear in the list with Volvo in eighth (+12.2) and Smart Automobile in ninth (+12.0).

The rest of the top ten comprises of brands from around the world. Japanese Toyota is in sixth (+13.7), British Land Rover in seventh (+13.3) and American Cadillac in tenth (+11.8).