Obama vs. Romney
November 12th, 2012, Emilene Parry

Obama vs. Romney

Last week Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as US President, defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney. The race to the White House was a close call with the two candidate’s neck-and-neck in the days before the election. As the election approached, we were eager to find out Labs participants opinion on the two candidates and who they felt would have the most positive impact on this region. A large majority of labs participants claimed to have been actively following the 2012 US Presidential campaign; however, many did not have any preference towards either candidate.

Preferred candidate:

Of those who did have a preferred candidate, most were in favour of Obama to win the election.

Those who preferred Obama:

“I feel that Obama has a broader world view and that he will continue to build upon his successful first term international policies, through his second term.” Anon

“Democrats have over the years been more peace-oriented than Republicans. Also, the average US Citizen gets more benefits from Obama than Romney.” Gus, KSA

“Though his present term is timid, kudos to him for cleaning up the mess left by the Bush Government. He has very well managed the USA during the difficult times, when compared with EU, in spite of the continued war on terror.” Anon

“I think he is stable and more active.” Anon

“Even though Romney is better qualified, Obama stirs a high level of confidence.” Anon

Those who preferred Romney:

“There have been no significant achievements during Obama’s tenure except the drama of Osama Bin Laden’s killing, so I hope for some good changes from Romney.” Akram, Pakistan

“Because Obama has lost his chance to change - there is no change all over the world” Husnain Khalid

“He has better a foreign policy. We see him have a good attitude towards Pakistan and Asia.” Anon

Impact on the region:

Overall Obama was also seen to be the candidate who would have the most positive impact on this region. Interestingly though, more female respondents felt Romney would have had the most positive impact.

Why Obama was seen to be good for the region:

“He has reformed the world a lot.” Hidayathulla Khan, Mysore

“He is empathetic.” Elgujja, SA

“I have seen many reforms in his current term.” Anon

“He has done good at least once in his tenure” Rakhee, UAE

“President Obama has shown a certain calmness when dealing with issues in the Middle East. He is winding down the two wars that were running when he took office and seems averse to committing the US to another one - this shows through in his dealings on the Iran issue and with Israel.” Anon

“He has become more experienced.” Waleed, Egypt

“Keeping Israel at bay and walking on the thin line of peace. His team mate, Senator Hillary Clinton has been doing a tremendous job in the Middle East Region.” Anon

“He reduced the hate between different religions.” Anon

Why Romney was seen to be good for the region:

“May be something new & positive for America and world.” Faiza, Pakistan

“During Obama's tenure there are no significant achievements, especially in Afghanistan. Obama could not define a road map or any rational strategy for the peace in this region. So I think Romney would not like to follow Obama's footsteps and would come up with some better strategies.” Akram, Pakistan

“He is ambitious.” Anon

Romney has gracefully admitted defeat and Obama has stated that the “best is yet to come” and that he was returning to the White house “more determined, and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do". We look forward to seeing how attitudes of lab participants towards Obama change throughout the next four years.