The English Premier League: Your passionate opinion
June 4th, 2015, YouGov

The English Premier League: Your passionate opinion

With the 23rd season of the English Premier League coming to an end and fan-favorite Chelsea emerging as the champion (winning their fourth title!), we wanted to know your thoughts about the entire tournament. Here we reveal your opinions and predictions about the top teams.

As expected, the majority of respondents have been watching the English Premier League this year! Over 71% of the 374 who took part in this lab came from North Africa, showing the region’s immense passion for the sport.

The most commonly supported teams in this year’s Premier League are Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal. The majority of those who are not watching the Premier League are doing so as a result of either lack of interest in football, or an unfortunate lack of time.

When asked who they thought would win the league, over half of respondents guessed correctly, predicting Chelsea would win the league, perhaps because of their impressive number of wins and low number of losses this season.

"Chelsea, they have a strong squad and are in great form." Labrat, Qatar

Other respondents did not think Chelsea’s lead was enough for the team to win the league. They took different factors into account when putting forward their Premier League expectations:

"Manchester City because they have highly skilled players such as midfielder Yaya Toure and in attack Aguero and of course they are capable of competing in all matches excluding two matches with Barcelona in the European league." Anonymous

Others’ loyalty towards their team gave them hope of winning in the end:

"Arsenal because it is a strong team and it is my favorite team." Anonymous

As a result of his scoring streak and high ranking on the Premier League Top Scorers chart, Eden Hazard won the majority of respondents over as the best player:

"Hazard, he scored perhaps in every match." Anonymous

"Hazard, he is talented and young." Amine, Morocco

Other respondents took a more classic approach to choosing their best player, favouring those referred to as “legends”…

"Drogba, because he is a legend and he has a big experience." Mahmoud, Tunisia

"Steven Gerard, he is better than great." Mahfoodh, Algeria

Interestingly Manchester City was among the least supported teams this league, yet a fair number of respondents chose it as the team they would most like to manage – presumably with hopes of improving their performance!

"Manchester City, work on strengthening the team specifically for the European league." Mohamed, Palestine

Surprisingly, many respondents felt they could improve the winning team, Chelsea, if they took over the management:

"Chelsea, I would bring back David Luiz." Dhiya, Morocco

"Chelsea, buy a new defender." Ahmed, Egypt

However the final scores certainly don’t show the need for any new defenders at Chelsea! A few respondents explained this when sharing which match was their favorite and why:

"In my opinion, the best match so far was the 0-0 draw against Chelsea at Emirates, where both the teams played well while Chelsea was defending at their best and Arsenal attacking at their best." M. Hamza, Pakistan

"Chelsea vs. Arsenal when Chelsea won 6-0." Saeed, Oman

It seems to have been a really interesting league! The majority of our respondents appear to be dedicated football fans claiming they do not watch any other sport on TV. For those diehard fans who were hoping for different results, we wish you all the best for the next league.