Game console ownership around the world
May 4th, 2022, YouGov

Game console ownership around the world

One in five consumers around the world own or have access to a gaming console, according to YouGov Global Profiles, a new consumer research tool that collects data from 43 markets around the world.

Gaming consoles are the third most common home entertainment device, after televisions (77%) and DVD players (31%).

Game consoles (20%) are more common than dedicated HiFi sound systems (16%), Blu-Ray players (15%), home theater PCs (14%), personal video recorders (11%), digital projectors (9%) and digital media receivers (9%).

Two in five adults in Portugal have at least one (40%), followed by those in Hong Kong (38%), France (37%), Ireland (37%) and South Africa (36%).

Most of the markets where game consoles have the most penetration are in Europe and North America. In both the United Kingdom and the United States, 33% of adults own, or have access to, a gaming console.

Meanwhile, those in Middle East markets and parts of the Asia Pacific region are less likely to own a console. Console ownership in China (9%), Egypt (11%) and Morocco (12%), Philippines (16%) and India (17%) is notably lower than the global average. These markets provide a significant growth opportunity for gaming brands as economic opportunities change and internet connections become more robust.

Methodology: YouGov Global Profiles is based on continuously collected data and rolling surveys, rather than from a single limited questionnaire. Learn more about Profiles.

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