How often do consumers in major markets change their tyres?
August 2nd, 2021, Christien Pheby

How often do consumers in major markets change their tyres?

YouGov Profiles asks customers in a number of key driving markets how often they change their tyres. Focusing on Great Britain, the US, Australia, and Germany shows some real differences in how often they switch them out.

Britons, for example, are – by some distance – most likely to change their tyres only when it is absolutely necessary: three in five car owners (60%) switch them out only when carrying on using them becomes untenable.

Other than that, one in five change tyres every 2-3 years (21%), while 5% change their tyres once a year or more. A significant minority (13%) say they “don’t know” how often they change their tyres at all. It’s reasonable to assume that this group changes tyres when they are advised to – or that someone else takes charge of the process.

Germans are most likely to change their tyres regularly: one in five (20%) say they change them once a year or more – a reflection of German variations in weather, which for some can require winter and non-winter sets for their car.

Just over a quarter (26%) say they change them every 2-3 years. Again, the group that says they only switch them up when necessary or because of damage wins out comfortably (42%), while a chunk of car owners simply don’t know how often they change them at all (12%).

Americans and Australians represent something of a happy medium between the two. US car owners are most likely to change their tyres when something’s wrong with them or when it’s strictly required (46%), with two in five Australians saying the same (41%). A third of both (32% US; 34% Australia) change them up every 2-3 years, while 8% of car owners in each country say they change tyres once a year or more. Again, a non-trivial proportion simply don’t know (14% US; 15% AU).


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