The state of US EV adoption in 2024
May 31st, 2024, Janice Fernandes

The state of US EV adoption in 2024

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining traction in the United States, with 28% of prospective car buyers considering an electric engine in the next 12 months. In a new report from YouGov, we examine the state of current EV ownership, what’s driving people towards an electric vehicle, and the top barriers stopping people from going fully electric in 2024.

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Who are electric vehicle owners in 2024?

The demographic landscape of EV ownership is evolving. As of 2024, 42% of EV owners are aged 30-44, reflecting a 5-percentage point increase since 2021. There is also a notable rise in EV ownership among Americans with household incomes under $99,999.

What’s driving electric vehicle adoption?

Environmental concerns top the list of reasons for adopting EVs, with 61% of potential buyers citing environmental protection as a key factor. Lower running costs are the second most common motivator, influencing 46% of prospective buyers.

Other significant factors include brand preferences (34%), unique car features (31%), reduced fuel costs (29%), and lower insurance rates (24%).

What’s stopping Americans from going electric?

Despite growing interest, several barriers deter potential EV buyers. The primary obstacle is the high upfront cost, cited by 40% of respondents. Charging time (36%) and the limited availability of charging stations (31%) are also major concerns.

Battery-related issues further discourage consumers, with 30% troubled by the hassle of charging and battery longevity, and 28% by the lack of home charging capabilities.

Additionally, 26% of respondents are dissuaded by the limited range of available models, and 15% find the financial benefits and tax incentives confusing.

Digging deeper with YouGov Profiles, an audience segmentation tool, gives us insights into the attitudes of electric vehicle buyers. Sustainability and trying new technologies are key considerations. Around 90% agree that electric vehicles are the future of the motor industry (vs. 70% of nonelectric vehicle buyers).

While 84% are usually interested in trying the latest technology products, services and apps (compared to 74% of nonelectric vehicle buyers), 75% are willing to pay more for sustainable energy (vs. 64%).

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