Beyond the​ feed: US social media report 2024​
June 27th, 2024, YouGov

Beyond the​ feed: US social media report 2024​

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While plenty of social media upstarts have come and gone during social media’s maturation, the main players remain relatively consistent. Does each platform’s membership remain the same as well?

This report leverages survey data from YouGov Profiles to reveal the latest audience makeup for the top social networks, with deep dives into generational and gender differences.

This report also identifies 40+ brands that are performing best with users of each channel.

Download YouGov’s new report to learn:

  • What are the demographic breakdowns of users of different social platforms?
  • Why do Americans use each platform?
  • How does Gen Z approach social media differently than other generations?
  • Which major consumer brands are successfully converting social media users into prospective customers?