US public attitudes towards Artificial Intelligence (AI)
July 9th, 2024, YouGov

US public attitudes towards Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How do Americans actually feel about AI?Download report

As AI grows increasingly omnipotent, it also feels omnipresent. Consumers are regularly discussing the new technology, whether in the press, workplace, or at home.

But how do Americans actually feel about AI? And how do they feel about AI’s current and future use in various realms, from healthcare to education, the legal sector and corporate America?

To explore the nuances in public sentiment across the US, YouGov conducted a mixed methods study into perceptions towards AI, leveraging qualitative and quantitative research to reveal three dynamic consumer segments based on America’s varying attitudes, understanding and use of AI.

The report finds that 37% of Americans are AI optimists. What do they know that the 29% Americans who are “AI ignorant” don’t? And what don't they know that the 34% who are “AI abstainers” do?

Download the report to understand:

  • Who comprises the AI ignorant, AI optimists, and AI abstainers, and why do they believe what they do?
  • What do these groups of Americans think about the current and future use of AI?
  • How receptive are Americans to the implementation of AI in healthcare, education, the legal system, and the workplace?
  • What do Americans think about the impending regulation of artificial intelligence?

The study involved three stages, all conducted in the US in 2023 and 2024, leveraging YouGov’s research panel of 6+ million Americans. A parallel study was conducted in the UK.