Qualitative Research

Go beyond the obvious, identify what really matters to your audiences and why

YouGov Qualitative research digs deeper into what people think, do and say to get to the ‘why’. Our global team of experts will help you discover the human stories that will empower your organisation to make effective strategic decisions, based on your consumers wants and needs.

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Rich, detailed insights

Gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and emotions with YouGov Qualitative solutions. We'll help you answer critical business questions and inspire impactful communications and strategies across all sectors and markets through:

  • Market exploration & landscaping: Uncover trends and opportunities within your competitive landscape.
  • Bringing segments to life: Develop rich audience personas for targeted communication.
  • Innovation: Spark new ideas and validate product concepts.

Leveraging a blend of face-to-face methods and innovative online approaches, we transform qualitative insights into actionable strategies, optimizing your campaigns, communications, brand positioning, and user experiences (UX).

Targeted audience reach

Access real-time insight into what people actually think and do from our millions of panellists around the world.

The YouGov panel allows us to recruit at speed on the basis of what people do, see or buy over time, minimizing the established problems of claimed behavior that can hinder traditional research.

We have thousands of data points on each person on our panel, whether it’s TV viewing, the charities they support, their shopping habits or websites they visit, allowing us to find the most relevant participants for your project and build a 360 view of them.

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Innovative methods to anticipate trends

Through continuous panel engagement we are pioneering real-time responses. We can do this qualitatively through apps, online communities, interviews and self-recorded films.

We regularly conduct online and face-to-face focus groups on topical issues to feed into public debate. Spot the patterns to inform your future strategy, put you ahead of your competitors, and dive deeper into key topics.

Why YouGov Qualitative?

Integrated insights

YouGov’s connected solutions, including quantitative research, Omnibus and data products, ensure we deliver you robust insights and reports

Creative outputs

We can make thematic short films and engaging case studies to bring the findings to life for your stakeholders

Global community

YouGov operates an online panel of 27 million+ registered members worldwide, allowing us to conduct global qualitative studies at speed.


Why YouGov?

We're trusted by the world’s biggest brands to delve deeper. Here's how we do it.

"YouGov's qualitative research demonstrated the importance of the Society’s public legal education programmes, highlighting the difficulties consumers face assessing non-price elements of legal work.”

- Law Society Research Unit

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