How Premiership Rugby scored new partnerships with YouGov’s audience intelligence
May 22nd, 2024, YouGov

How Premiership Rugby scored new partnerships with YouGov’s audience intelligence

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Business challenge

Premiership Rugby needed to win new partners and validate the value of existing ones


YouGov’s audience intelligence was used to gather fan insights and demonstrate their unique value


Premiership Rugby achieved double digit growth and strengthened their existing long-term partnerships


Business challenge

Premiership Rugby, a leading UK sports league, needed audience intelligence to better understand their fans and support their conversations with potential and existing partners.

They wanted to illustrate the value of partnering with Rugby Union compared to other sports, highlighting the unique characteristics of their fan base and the benefits that current sponsors gain from their partnerships.


Premiership Rugby leveraged YouGov's flagship audience profiling tool, offering extensive data on consumer behaviour, media consumption, and demographics.

The platform connects to YouGov's industry-leading proprietary panel - the biggest and most representative data source in the market with more than 27 million registered members.

With 2m+ unique data points to choose from in 49 markets, Premiership Rugby used YouGov’s audience profiling tool to understand their fanbase in detail and effectively communicate its unique value.

Armed with their comprehensive audience insights, Premiership Rugby constructed strong, data-backed narratives for partnership discussions. They effectively segmented their audience to identify brands and sectors that align well with Rugby Union fans, thereby enhancing the appeal of sponsorships.

By leveraging real-time data on consumer attitudes and behaviours, Premiership Rugby tailored their approaches to prospective partners, offering clear, actionable insights into the tangible value of partnerships.

Business outcomes

The insights gained not only helped in securing new partners, but also in reinforcing the value provided to current sponsors.

Premiership Rugby continues to refine their partnership strategies with YouGov Profiles, ensuring they remain attractive to current partners while expanding their reach to new ones.

Client testimonial

Working with YouGov has helped us demonstrate a strong data-driven story to new and existing partners whilst also enabling us to build stronger partnership propositions for brands.”

Chris Thompson, Head of Business Development, Premiership Rugby