YouGov Global FMCG/CPG Rankings 2023
February 22nd, 2023, Bhavika Bansal

YouGov Global FMCG/CPG Rankings 2023

Consideration is an important threshold for marketers. While there is still work to do to move the consumer to purchase, getting your brand in the frame for a shopper means a lot of marketing decisions have already paid off.

The second edition of YouGov’s annual Global FMCG/CPG Rankings Report reveals some of the brands that have been the most successful at getting – or staying - in the frame. It uncovers the most-considered food, beverage, and personal care brands in 18 markets around the world, as well as those FMCG/CPG brands that have made the biggest strides since last year.


In the UK, the British multinational confectionary brand Cadbury leads the list of top 10 food brands with a score of 57.3 points while Robinsons tops the Beverages list with a score of 33.6 points.

The multinational dairy company and cooperative Arla Foods leads the top-ranked foods in the Nordic region, with a score of 48.1 points in Sweden and 52.5 points in Denmark.

The Americas

Kraft leads the top 10 food brands list in the US with 44.6 points. In Mexico, however, this spot is occupied by the Mexican dairy brand LALA (Grupo Lala) who register a score of 49.0.

In Brazil, Coca-Cola not only tops the Beverages list with a score of 59.8 points but also comes in first amongst the top 10 improvers (beverages) with an increase of 3.7 percentage points from the previous year.


FMCG/CPG brands Almarai, Coca-Cola, 7Up and Pepsi each feature amongst the list of top 10 beverage brand rankings in the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Similarly, Almarai (dairy) leads the Food brands list in both the UAE and KSA with a score of 51.2 points and 50.7 points respectively.


The Personal Care list in Hong Kong and Singapore is topped by Dettol, whereas in Australia, this spot is claimed by Colgate (Toothpaste) with a score of 54.0 points.

In Indonesia, Unilever-owned FMCG brand Vaseline registers an increase of 1.7 points on its score for the previous year and claims first place amongst the top 10 improvers (personal care) in this market.

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The 2023 FMCG/CPG Rankings Report aims to offer a benchmark for FMCG/CPG brands across 18 key international markets to evaluate their positions in the context of consumer consideration. The rankings data, based on Consideration scores, comes from BrandIndex - YouGov's real-time and continuous monitoring tool that uses 16 key brand health metrics to track daily performance and measure growth for more than 27,000 brands globally across 45 sectors.

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YouGov publishes brand rankings yearly based on the data from always-on brand tracker, YouGov BrandIndex. FMCG brands are tracked daily around the world, enabling us to consistently and accurately measure consumer attitudes towards those brands.

The brands in YouGov’s FMCG rankings 2023 were ranked based on Consideration score, which is a measure of likelihood of purchase from the category. The top ranked rankings show the brands with the highest Consideration score between January 1st 2022 and December 31st 2022. To determine the improvers rankings, brands have been sorted by change in consideration score (highest to lowest between the time range of 2022 vs 2021).

The scores are representative of the general population of adults 18+ (some are online representative) except for India which is national urban representation. For all markets, a minimum base size of 100 is mandatory for conclusive results.

All scores listed have been rounded to a single decimal place; however, we have used additional precision to assign ranks. All brands included in YouGov’s FMCG top ranked rankings have been tracked for a minimum of 6 months, and all brands included in YouGov’s FMCG improvers rankings have been tracked for a minimum of 18 months.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.