Profile Peeks: Understanding E-Groceries Customers in Indonesia
August 3rd, 2022, Kevin Rustika

Profile Peeks: Understanding E-Groceries Customers in Indonesia

The pandemic has fuelled the surge of digital technology. One of the ways it has shifted our shopping paradigm is through the proliferation of online-based shopping. Demand for online shopping has increased more than ever with people opting to purchase their staple groceries through online means. This is also attributed due to some large FMCG company entering the e-groceries scene.

Using YouGov Profiles, a proprietary audience profiling and segmentation platform collecting data on 400,000 variables from 350,000 panelists, marketers and researchers are able to gain understanding of the 24% of Indonesians who are e-groceries customers.

In our latest profile peek, we are exploring the profile of these e-groceries customers which gives insights to their attitudes, hobbies as well as general interests.

Download our profile peek to learn about:

  • Their demographics
  • Their attitudes, hobbies and general interests
  • Social networks they use the most

Download our full profile peek to learn more about e-groceries customers in Indonesia

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