How do Brits prefer to spend their winter leisure time?
October 26th, 2021, Cheryl Kar

How do Brits prefer to spend their winter leisure time?

The ongoing shortages of goods, coupled with high energy prices, signal the potential for an interesting winter ahead for Brits. But that's not stopping consumers from planning their wintertime leisure activities.

According to YouGov data, more than half of Britons prefer uniting with friends and family in winter (53%). But that’s not the only leisure pursuit that will draw Brits out in the colder temperatures. Half of consumers also tell us that going to the cinema is on their checklist, suggesting that, as the grips of the pandemic loosen, consumers don’t mind making an effort to watch movies outside the comfort of their home (49%).

Close to half of the respondents in the survey prefer to go shopping in the winter (45%), indicating that even as some shelves remain empty, visiting stores in real life is on the list for consumers in Great Britain. A close share of consumers say that they like watching indoor performances in wintertime too (41%).

Two in five Brits say they enjoy a walk in the cold (39%). This share is closely followed by those who like to go to the bar or attend dinner parties (35% and 34%, respectively), while some prefer to host these get-togethers themselves (32%).

Nearly three in ten Brits say that they prefer going to the theatres or working out in winter (28%). It’s a same story when it comes to travelling or trying something new (27%). However, it's worth noting that more than a quarter of Brits plan to step out to go to the museum (26%) or a concert (26%). This is also a time when one in five consumers like to go sightseeing (21%).

A notable proportion also show interest in wintertime sports as about one in six like to go to sporting events and a close share say they want to play sports (13%).

Clearly, neither the rise in infection rates nor the cold is going to keep British consumers indoors this winter.

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