Empowering financial well-being webinar report
May 22nd, 2024, Kevin Rustika

Empowering financial well-being webinar report

Our previous webinar tapped into valuable consumer insights on their use of digital banking, investment platforms, and payment options as well as financial literacy.

Rewatch our exclusive webinar here, and access the deck for your reference.

Topics covered in our report:

  • Explore trending adoption rates: Discover which digital banks, platforms, and payment options are gaining traction, including peer to peer lending, BNPL, fintech, green banking and freedom in banking.
  • Understand the evolving banking landscape: Encompassing knowledge levels, debt experiences, susceptibility to scams, achievement of financial goals, and overall satisfaction with financial well-being.
  • Financial literacy: Addressing education sources, responsibility (government, banks, individuals), essential knowledge, delivery preferences, and gaps in understanding.