How CRED tracked growth and boosted market positioning with YouGov
May 17th, 2024, Maria Jose Contreras

How CRED tracked growth and boosted market positioning with YouGov

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CRED needed to monitor brand KPIs and uncover growth opportunities.


YouGov designed a bespoke brand health tracking study to provide real-time insights.

Business outcomes

YouGov insights have helped to track brand growth and improve market positioning for CRED.

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Business challenge

CRED, a leading Indian fintech company, aimed to increase its brand awareness and generate positive consumer interest. To achieve this goal, the company became the official sponsor for the Indian Premier League from 2020 to 2023.

To assess the effectiveness of this investment, CRED sought a reliable partner to track changes in key brand metrics, including visibility, trial rates, future consideration, and overall consumer perceptions.


Aligned with CRED’s goals, YouGov’s Custom Research team designed a bespoke brand health tracking study targeting active credit card users in urban India. Launched in March 2021, ahead of the 14th season of the Indian Premier League, the study assessed CRED’s brand engagement funnel in comparison to competitors and revealed a notable increase in CRED’s brand awareness, attributed to impactful advertising during the tournament.

YouGov has implemented a daily interview system that captures data from an annual sample of over 25,000 respondents. Insights cover credit card market segments, key locations and adapt to evolving priorities and new payment features, like the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), ensuring CRED’s ongoing success. These are uploaded weekly onto YouGov's easy-to-use data analysis platform, providing real-time data. The sampling strategy ensures robust representation and granularity not only at a national level but also within key markets and specific consumer segments of interest.

Business outcomes

YouGov data supports CRED’s ongoing growth journey, with weekly updates, monthly summaries and quarterly reports that address their specific key business indicators, allowing them to constantly measure brand health.

Access to consistent consumer data provides CRED with valuable information about its position within India’s rapidly expanding digital payments landscape.