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Analyze your survey data in one powerful, easy-to-use platform

The ultimate tool for granular data analysis – superfast, easy-to-use and the ability to combine with your third-party data. Visualize your data easily to extract every insight it holds.

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Powerful results, made easy

With its simple, drag-and-drop interface, YouGov Crunch is as accessible as it is powerful – no training or installation required!

Confidently explore data on your own, empowered by our easy to use platform.

Prepare, analyze, and visualize your survey data and analyses, easily building detailed custom reports and dashboards to share your findings externally or with your team.

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Get seamless results

  • Analyze all your datasets – even ones with millions of respondents and thousands of variables – in seconds.
  • Dive deep into any data easily, including non-YouGov data, via Crunch's intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Focus on analysis, letting Crunch import and prepare your datasets for you.
  • Organize historical and fresh survey data neatly within labelled, easily searchable folders.
  • Stored securely in the Cloud, for easy whole-team access.

Power made simple


Easily prepare, analyze, visualize and deliver survey data and analysis, with Crunch’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface


Get high-speed data analysis and quick turnaround answers to your questions. Analyze datasets, no matter how large, with sub-second response


Analyze all your data in, including both YouGov and other in-house data. Collaborate via the cloud, while closely controlling who sees what, securely


Client feedback

You're in good company. The world's leading brands are empowered by YouGov Crunch.

“Crunch increases the value of your data investment. You will continue to find new insights. Data will not end up in the drawer.”

“Crunch is outstanding. It gives customers the chance to play with data. It is a superb piece of equipment.“

“Crunch has given life to the segments within the organization. It enables us to work with the segments and continuously get more nuances and more knowledge about them and test new hypotheses about each segment."

“Crunch is a good tool to deliver data in a new and more value-adding way … particularly when you, like us, have a very curious and exploratory approach to data.”

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